Message #3022

Subject: MC5D: controls for U and V hypercells?
Date: Sun, 31 Aug 2014 07:50:47 -0700

Hi there hypercubers,

I’ve been trying out some more turns on the MC5D program (didn’t do another 3^5 solve .-.) and I noticed that selecting the "center 2c sticker" of the U and V cells during a turn on the 3^5 results in a turn in an ambiguous direction. This is because sometimes, the outer 2c sticker is selected (e.g. the -V +U sticker is selected) instead of the inner one, i.e. -V -U,

Pictoral examples: -V -U selected -V +U selected

Note that for both examples, only one of them can be selected at once. It’s like a superposition where the sticker you select is determined only after you move your mouse there (then it stays at that sticker until you make a move, then the superposition starts again.)

Is there a way to force the selection of only one of those stickers all the time?

Thanks in advance, all.