Message #3033

Subject: Orthogonal - game based on Greg Egan’s novel
Date: Fri, 26 Sep 2014 02:39:27 -0700

Hi all,
meet another game that may be called multidimensional:
You are in the ship that flies across the space-time shaped as 4-dimensional sphere. There are some stars in the space, their trajectories are big circles in this sphere. Photons emitted by stars are also travel by big circles, and if trajectory of some photon passes by your position, you see the light - but only when the angle between you current direction and photon’s direction is between 27 and 54 degrees (you will see color from red to violet depending on the angle). Every star emits light in all directions of its front 4D hemisphere. You task is to hunt every star in the Universe: when you fly close enough to the star (1/2500 of Universe radius), screen blinks in red and star is being removed from the Universe.
All ship control is by keyboard. Use E/Q to accelerate forward/backward, ASDW for side accelerations, arrow keys to change ship’s orientation (to look around). "Ship Turn Time" box controls acceleration value (it shows time required for full 360-deg turn of the ship) and "Universe Size" it the time required for the ship to return to the same point of space-time without acceleration.
Remember that space-time has Riemannian metric!
Program required .NET 3.5. I hope that it will work under Mono as well.