Message #3060

From: Ray Zhao <>
Subject: Re: [MC4D] Re: Introduction
Date: Wed, 28 Jan 2015 15:08:53 -0500

Eh, that’s exactly what Nc is.

The SZ method by itself is the 4D version of CFOP (3^3 method). What you’re
doing with the inverse thing is more specifically called "RKT". I made up
the terms SZ and RKT just to give a name to things, but I’m sure a lot of
people probably thought it up independently.
LBL and CFOP are both 3^3 methods. o_O Would layer-by-layer and Fridrich
method ring more bells?

Repeating a 7-move macro 50 times isn’t too much tbh. It’s annoying, but
after doing n^5 or 120-cell without macros the 3^4 becomes a lot more
bearable. However, I like MC4D’s macro support, and totally recommend you
learn it. (MC7D users will disagree ^_~)

Also, 200 solvers already? That’s way too many. We need to make the puzzle
harder. </badjoke>

I think that there was a thread on making a physical 4D cube a lot earlier
on in this group, but it seems your idea isn’t to make a legit 8-celled one
but a 3^3 model that can act as a videogame controller and rotate an
on-screen 3^4? However, we have had a speedsolving 3^4 competition a few
years back with macros and I lost like a boss.

"which might significantly increase visibility"
See this I don’t know. It’s like Flatland all over again. I think the
hardest part is convincing people that just because they think of the 4th
dimension as time doesn’t mean the 4D cube cannot exist. We have to
demonstrate how these N-dimensional puzzles work without making people
confused and give up.