Message #3106

Subject: Re: MagicTile Solving
Date: Mon, 20 Apr 2015 02:16:26 -0700

Solving of MT ell sph tetra v001 v00 1-33 —– || 19/04/2015 || 4456

I used 4456 twists compared to 196 if Nan and 63 of Michael.

I have no idea how they are working!

There are 4 3color vertices, 12 2-color normal centered edges, 24 2-color excentric edges, 12 1-color triangular edgefaces and finally 12 1-color four sided cornerfaces. My strategy was to get the pieces home in this order. The cornerfaces are moved with a commutator of two belt-moves. This gives inevitable a pair of two 3-cycles. To get a unique 3-cycle (as macro) I had to commutate the « two simultaneaous 3-cycle » with a randomly displaced copy of them. With my toolbox of macros for this puzzle I can easely solve the puzzle even if the 1-color pieces are individually labeled.

I think Nan and Michael do block building first.