Message #3258

Subject: Re: [MC4D] Re: Visualizing Hyperobjects
Date: Mon, 30 Nov 2015 07:48:51 -0800

I understand your point. A 4D being would see volume just like we see area. We need to move to see the back of a 3D object but a 4D being would see all the 3D object all at once. That is what Melinda means when she says "from every angle". If I am not mistaken in 4D an individual without moving would see up to 4 cells of a 4-cube and 60 cells of a 120-cell.

I wonder why our universe have a few spacial dimensions. In math you can have anything from zero to infinite spacial dimensions. I do not think it is impossible that there is a multiverse with infinite universe and all universes have a random amount of spacial dimensions. I think there would be a "Goldilocks Zone" when it comes to the amount of spacial dimensions an universe that can support life have. Few spacial dimensions like one or two and it might be impossible for the universe to have life. A vast amount of spacial dimensions and life would have a difficult time processing all the visual information. A while back I saw a MinutePhysics where it basically says that planets would not be able to orbit the sun if there were more or less than 3 spacial dimensions. Maybe that is why we have only 3 spacial dimensions.