Message #3291

From: Melinda Green <>
Subject: Version 4.1 released! Now supports macro set-up moves
Date: Mon, 08 Feb 2016 15:32:34 -0800

Gosh it’s been ages since the last code update! The new version fixes a
few bugs and adds the ability to automatically undo macro set-up moves.
Here’s how to use it: Macros > Begin Macro Setup Moves (<ctrl>b) marks
the current state and enters a new mode (yellow sky) until a macro is
applied or until cancelled (<esc>). After a macro is applied, the
reverse of the setup moves are applied. Repeat selections of this
command simply reset the mark to the current point. Undo/redo still
function properly in this mode though undoing past the setup mark
cancels the setup. The reverse move playback is treated the same as
macro moves in that they will undo/redo as a group. So if you apply a
macro with set-up moves and then click Edit > Undo (<ctrl>z), all the
reversed set-up moves will be undone. The next undo will undo all the
macro moves, and subsequent undos will step through your set-up moves.
Redo (<ctrl>y) at any point will do the inverse. I hope that’s not too
confusing. The net result is that macros should become even easier and
safer to use because you will no longer need to memorize how to undo
your set-up moves and perform them correctly.

The new release has not been exhaustively tested, so please help by
trying it out as soon as you can and exercising the new functionality
along with the other features that you typically use. You can reply with
public comments here, private email to me, or open new issues at the new
repository here:

Thanks and happy puzzling!