Message #3338

Subject: Any thoughts on making a Rubik’s Cube with more than 7 dimensions?
Date: Fri, 22 Apr 2016 06:57:39 -0700

I have an idea. The pieces will be shown instead of the cubies. When you hover on a piece it will show a list of all its colors. Something like this

-x: blue
y: red
z: white
Also you can add as many dimensions as you wish. If you add the 6th dimension in the picture you will add 9 3x3x3 boxes up and 9 boxes down and you will have 6c pieces in the corners of course. If you add another dimension you will add two big boxes. I realize the n-1 D Rubik’s Cube is the middle layer of the n D Rubik’s Cube. I am sure someone can find a more user-friendly method to put higher dimensions.