Message #3377

Subject: Custom color scheme for 8-sided puzzles.
Date: Fri, 24 Jun 2016 18:15:00 -0700

After completing my first 3^4 solve, I decided that I simply could not continue with the default color scheme. It had dull colors like brown and three shades of blue adjacent to each other. In the 3D world, only 12-sided megaminxes are allowed to get away with awful colors like that. I understand why this is, and the automatic generation of visually distinct colors works extremely well for larger puzzles, but nothing beats a hand-picked color scheme. So I made a quick hack that will color your cube much more beautifully. White/yellow and red/orange are opposites, as they should be. Bright and dark green are opposites as well, in addition to dark and light blue. Here’s a link to the Github repository, and here’s a link to the release Let me know if you like these colors better. :)