Message #3411

Subject: Re: MagicTile Solving
Date: Thu, 30 Jun 2016 03:15:17 -0700

More MagicTile solvings

Solving of MT ell sph cube f0.5 0 1 f101 = Rubik 4^3 —– || 21/06/2016 || 742
Solving of MT ell sph cube f0.4 0 1 f0.8 0 1 = Rubik 5^3 —– || 22/06/2016 || 1333
Solving of MT ell sph cube e 0 0.67 0, macros only —– || 30/06/2016 || 126628

I postponed some of the classic MagicTiles because I had solved them
with real puzzles. Now years later I repeated them in MagicTile. This is
the case for "Rubik 4^3" and "Rubik 5^3".

The edgeturning "MT ell sph cube e 0 1.67 0" is a FIRST solve. My
first attempt to get a macro for a 3-cycle of the tiny triangular 1color edgefaces
had a length of 23’000 moves. This is even to big to be executed
in a reasonable time. I restarted for a completely new construction of the macro and got this
time a macro with only a four thousend moves. The sequence of the pieces to
bring home was also wrong in a first attempt (not faces first). Parity is important.

Again, because the log-file is too big for Wiki, I posted only the macros. Try them!

Best regards