Message #3431

Subject: 3^6 solved
Date: Mon, 11 Jul 2016 13:36:27 -0700

Hello, everyone. After 143,000 moves and 34 hours I finally solved the 3^6 puzzle. For 6c pieces I just needed two commutators. One is similar to 1st4c and the other one twirl three colors of one 6c piece. At first I thought the program was not as user friendly as I would have wish but after understanding how to perform simple rotations and using my macros from MC5D and with time it was getting more simple to understand. Doing all the 6c pieces for the first time was easier than doing 5c pieces of MC5D for the first time. Hopefully saying this will make other people more confidence in using MC7D. I think everyone who have solve 3^5 can solve the 3^6 and most people should be able to solve it with less moves.

-Guderian aka Gude