Message #3438

From: Ray Zhao <>
Subject: Re: Introductions!
Date: Wed, 13 Jul 2016 17:54:19 -0400

Hi Edward,

First of all, I love listing things!…I just don’t do it often.

Anyway, congrats on the solve. 1200+ moves doesn’t sound like that much
considering how it’s your first solve; I bet if you solve it once or twice
the number will go down to around 1000 (or even less). Layer by layer is a
good idea; you can even use CFOP on it. However, I’m not sure about solving
the 5^4 one layer at a time.

Number theory is cool sometimes, and I mean sometimes since modular
arithmetic didn’t click for me last term (especially non-linear
congruences) and since I often add up two-digit numbers wrong in my head.
Maybe once I get those sorted out, I’ll continue reading about numbers. The
research + simulations part seems real fun though.

Also, you play flute? I’ve always wanted to learn how to play the
flute…except when I have more energy. A tenor sax would probably work
better in that case. Anyway, how to make a note come out on the flute is
still a great mystery to me. Actually, music and math is still a great
mystery to me in general. Is number theory involved there?

10/10 suggest you go solve the 5^4 or at least the 4^4,