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From: Ashton Santee <>
Subject: Re: [MC4D] Re: [MC7D] preliminary move recommendations.
Date: Sun, 17 Jul 2016 21:15:29 +0000

Thanks Guderian!

I will try your notation and see if it can shorten mine. I am currently
describing c3 pieces with all 3 coordinates of what cells they have
stickers. Example: Front Right Upper. This only works if I keep the

orientation of everything and write down what colors were originally in
each axis. And now that the cells in 3^5 have so many of these 3 color
edges I am not sure what to call all the cells that are inside the inner

I have also found it possible to create a short macro with my preliminary
moves, run my large macro for swapping pieces, then run my short macro in
reverse (control click). Just have to remember to delete this new macro of
preliminary moves every time.

On Sun, Jul 17, 2016, 12:50 PM [4D_Cubing] <> wrote:

> Hello. I just write my preliminary moves either in paper or notepad. I
> wish there was an universal notation for all the turns and rotations you
> can make in MC7D.
> When I type X-U’ in a commutator in MC5D it means to me that I click on
> the U in the "X-U" bottom. In MC7D I would have to move the U facet in the
> "center" or T facet then ctrl + click on the 2c piece right to the 1c piece
> and then rotate U facet back on its starting position.
> For turns I use the same notations as MC4D such as T5R, T11R, etc. Other
> notations I use look like this: T(r14)5, T(r14)11, etc. This means I click
> on the 2c piece right to the 1c piece of the T facet then click T5 or T11.
> —-
> To convert my commutators from MC5D to 3^5 in MC7D I made this sketch:
> MC5D
> U(+14)
> U(-14)
> L(+14) L(-14) R(-14) R(+14)
> D(-14)
> D(+14)
> MC7D
> U(- +14)
> L(- +14) R(- +14)
> U(- +14)
> Here is an example. In MC5D U(d14)17 it means U(l14)17 in MC7D.
> Maybe what I am saying will help you…
> -Guderian
> —In, <ashtonsantee@…> wrote :
> I am working on the 3^5 in MC7D. I find that the display is similar enough
> to MC4D that I just used to solve 3^4 & 4^4. What I do not see is a feature
> for preliminary moves like MC4D had. I grew fond of this as I did not have
> to remember my preliminary moves. With the added dimension and the growing

> number of stickers I would like to know if I am just not seeing the feature
> in MC7D, or if someone has a recommendation on how to remember my
> preliminary moves.
> I am still at a loss for a notation for this cube. This could help me
> write down what I have done in an attempt to use shorthand to undo
> preliminary moves. Perhaps someone has already come up with a clever
> solution to this need.

Ashton Santee