Message #3489

Subject: Brief introduction of myself
Date: Sat, 30 Jul 2016 19:34:29 -0700

Hello, Everybody. I’m Ricketts Liang, 18, from Anhui Province, P.R.China. I finished the 3^4 puzzle days ago and was invited into this group. A month later I will be a freshman at Peking University. I took up Rubik’s cube for fun when I was younger and heard about the 4D cube after learning about 4D geometry, but I didn’t qiuite understand how to solve a 4D pullze then. Later beacuse I had to prepare for Gaokao (College Entrance Exam in China), I put it away and haven’t played it for some time. When the summer vacation finally came, I read the solution to learn how to relate 4D to 3D and began a serious try of the 3^4 puzzle. I finished it days ago and was invited into this group.Thanks to everyone who has made a contribution to this program.