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From: Thomas Lehéricy <>
Subject: re: A Brief Introduction
Date: Fri, 23 Sep 2016 10:04:58 +0200

Congratulations Kun! 1000 twists is definitely a nice performance, especially on the first try.


It looks like 4D LBL really is the most intuitive way to handle the puzzle. The beginning of the solve is nice, but the last layer is always tedious and/or move-consuming.


Heise solvers are not common here. A question we’ve had for some time is whether it is possible to adapt Heise to 4D. LBL isn’t the most move-efficient method in 3D compared to Heise or even Petrus. Maybe there could be significant gain in movecount, and why not a better way to handle the last hyperface. It’s still an open question yet, no one has ever tried as far as I know.


Anyway, great job with your first solve, and happy hypercubing!







> Hello, my name is Kun. Yesterday I solved a 3^4 Rubik’s Cube, and was suggested to introduce myself briefly.

> I am 18 years old, and I’m a student in Peking University, majoring in physics. Therefore I live in Beijing now.

> I started playing cube about 6 years ago. I have learnt many ways to solve a cube, and I like "the Heise method" most because I think it’s more interesting to solve a cube freely. I also like science fiction and my favorite book is the three body problem, written by Cixin Liu.


> As for the experience with the 3^4 cube. When I started, I decided to imitate the LBL method because I thought it might be quicker. When I met with a case that I couldn’t solve, I just save the file and think about it the other day. At last, it took me 4 days to solve it, and about 1000 twists. Through this experience, I discovered many tricks to solve some cases. The 4D cube is really interesting and I think I can do better next time with this experience. 


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