Message #3556

Subject: Re: [MC4D] Re: MagicTile Solving
Date: Fri, 04 Nov 2016 21:32:52 -0700

Hey Roice, in the version I have (10-29-16) some of the puzzles in {3,4} 4-Color Orbifold A are broken, specifically V1:0:0, F0:1:0 V1:0:0, F0:0:0.8 V0.8:0:0, and F0:1:0 E0.5:0:0 V1:0:0. It seems like when you hold the 2 key and do turns around certain vertices, the colors mess up. This can lead to either trivial or impossible puzzles when scrambled.

BTW, Ed, I don’t mean any offense, I was just making an observation.