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Subject: A Quick Introduction
Date: Wed, 16 Nov 2016 07:47:52 -0800

Hi guys
I’m Chetan, a 22 year old software engineer for Bangalore, India. I’m a big fan of logical puzzles. There was a huge rubik’s cube craze in my school about 8 years ago, and that’s when I first learnt how to solve the 3x3x3. Soon I picked up the 4x4x4 and leant to solve that as well. But due to lack of company, I soon forgot about my interest in cubing and spent time on studies etc.

College was a very relaxed time where I played a lot of Dota and Hearthstone. While playing addictive games like these time files, even now I watch Hearthstone on Twitch as a stress buster. During college I discovered magic cube when it appeared on HackerNews. I gave it a shot (on my phone) and ditched it. After I started working, I was reminded of this cube when I saw the Mathologer video and gave it a serious shot and actually solved it (made it in 6770 moves).

My interests include watching unusual movies, like The Holy Mountain. David Lynch is my favourite director. In my spare time I watch Dota, Hearthstone, Numberphile and Mathologer on Youtube or Twitch. I love reading about the math involved in Fractal design and can stare at them for hours at a stretch. That’s all about me, thanks for your time.