Message #3617

Subject: Re: Remembering Andrey Astrelin
Date: Sun, 15 Jan 2017 15:20:22 -0800

I am sorry if this post ends up being a duplicate, but as of writing this, my previous message has not posted, and I want to make sure respects to Andrey are not left unspoken.

I deeply regret not using my membership to this group to get to know Andrey. From what I have seen in his posts and his work, namely his 7D Magic Cube and the {6,3,3}, it is clear that he was a brilliant man with a brilliant mind, and a passion for what he did that anyone could appreciate. He was most definitely a man who we should all be proud to have explored the abstract alongside, and we should continue to delve deeper into this weird and wonderful geometry just as he loved to do, remembering him as we do.

As I say, I never did know Andrey, but I will remember him for the contributions he has made to our community. Reading these other memories is very inspirational.

My thoughts go out to Andrey’s friends and family. As for Andrey himself, I’m sure he’s still walking amongst higher dimensions just as he did in life, wherever he may be now.