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Subject: Re: [MC4D] Re: Create hypercubing subreddit?
Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2017 23:05:24 +0000

If image attachments is the main problem, there’s imgur. But, the images would be really scattered in that case. Having a subreddit would at least put the images all in one group. Still, I’d really like to know a better platform that’s dedicated to sharing images (easy registration, pictures last a long time and can be categorized into groups).

As for cross-posting flagged as spam, it turns out I didn’t read the /r/Cubers sidebar carefully enough.
They have this rule:
"Self promotion (youtube videos, etc) is allowed once per week."
Good enough for us to cross-post occasionally then! – it’s not like we release software on a nightly basis.
I messaged the mods about this but they haven’t replied so I’ve a feeling it doesn’t really matter for them?

As for the name, /r/hypercubers works. I’ll probably make it some time this week.

"I would not want to leave anyone behind."
Same, though Liam’s suggestion, "I feel this group is more geared towards discussion, while a subreddit would be much simpler way of sharing links and other media," means it won’t be a move as much as it will be an expansion.

It can’t be a move anyway: each thread doesn’t have a very long lifetime, so it’s much more suited for show-off threads or daily progress threads. Even images won’t last very long, as people often won’t go past the first page. There’s /r/Cubers again for an example on how short people’s attention could be…Reddit might as well be a Twitter++ for groups.

For the other social networks:
Google+ I don’t use. I think it tried grabbing people from Facebook but didn’t grab a lot. Maintaining accounts on both is annoying, which is also why I wouldn’t go for Facebook even though I’m on it all day.

Tumblr I’ve never used, though its system of liking and reblogging (read: sharing) makes it seem like a more minimalist Facebook. Its interface suggests more of FB timeline than Reddit. It really doesn’t seem to distinguish between Rubik’s cubes, political rants, and NSFW media though, so it’s too much of a mess for us imo.


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I have the same feelings. It’s a great idea though we mainly need to consider the interaction with r/cubers. As Liam mentioned, it would be good to have a place for discussing things they wouldn’t be interested in, however some of our announcements definitely belong in r/cubers. They are not limited to physical puzzles even if that’s their bias. We could cross post those as needed though that splits topic discussions between the two posts. Someone can certainly create the sub and let it be OK if it doesn’t get a lot of posts. Once nice thing about it is that it solves the problem of image attachments, at least when a single image will do.

For those unfamiliar with reddit, it’s a discussion board broken into thousands of top-level categories called "subreddits" or "subs", and within each category, posts and comments within posts get voted up and down so that the best content tends to drift towards the top for easy reading. The cubing community is found here: So the first question is whether we would we be Hypercubing or Hypercubers. The next question is whether this should be our new home. The other options are Google (groups, Google+, or Hangouts), Facebook, Tumblr, others. Here’s one discussion comparing Google+ with reddit. I don’t use Facebook and am reluctant to join, but I recognize it’s enormity. Reddit has been around for a long time and I like it a lot, especially recently. It’s easy to use though it’s a little confusing at first and the generally anonymous culture may be a bit odd for us. It doesn’t require an account to read, just to post or comment, and joining only requires an email address. It’s well implemented and allows for people to easily discover new interests.

I’d love to hear other people’s thoughts on the subject. Are there platforms where we could even move all of our previous discussion archives with us? Are there platforms you would not join if we moved to them? I would not want to leave anyone behind. Of course we don’t need to make any decisions right now, and when it’s not necessary to make a decision, it’s necessary to not make a decision! :-)


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I think that creating a subreddit could be a good idea. I feel this group is more geared towards discussion, while a subreddit would be much simpler way of sharing links and other media. Of course, how much hypercubing media there is to share on a subreddit is a different matter, but nobody says a subreddit has to overflow with content.

Reddit is also a much larger platform than yahoo groups; a subreddit potentially opens up hypercubing to a whole new audience of people who might not be so interested in a more formal group like this, but still want to discuss hypercubing.

I don’t think that interference with /r/cubers would be an issue. A simple way of combating the issue would be to simply avoid crosspo sting onto /r/cubers. Besides, /r/cubers is more geared towards physical puzzling anyway; content regarding MC4D, MagicTile, and other similar software/ideas doesn’t seem to do too well there.

Just some thoughts. As I say, I’m in favour, although I fear it might lack content a little.