Message #3673

Subject: Re: Introduction of the 307th solver
Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2017 03:10:13 +0000

Here’s an old blindfold thread from 2011:

I blindfolded 2^4 with macros. I didn’t feel it was a big challenge because of the use of macros. I didn’t attempt any blindfold solve without macros.

I also summarized the steps here:

Since the amount of information in 3^4 ( 120 digits ) is about six times that of 3^3 (20 digits), 3^4 is way out of reach my memorization skill. But a good MultiBLD player should be able to do it. 2^4, however, has only 28 digits of information, which is less than 1.5 Rubik’s Cubes. That’s why I was able to do it.

Normally blindfold solvers end the solving by themselves, and if the cube is actually not solved, it’s an DNF. The catch of hypercubing is that so far all the software I know recognize the solved state and pops a dialog when it’s done, even if all stickers are gray. So theoretically a blindfold solve can be like attempt -> if not recognized, undo until the beginning -> attempt again. As Melinda mentioned earlier, we can create a Blindfold mode in MC4D to fix this issue.