Message #3683

Subject: Re: Introduction of the 307th solver
Date: Wed, 01 Mar 2017 06:42:58 +0000

I’d like to share my 4C method in my 2^4 blindfolded solve.

Notation: let’s call the eight cells U, D, R, L, F, B, and I (for inner cell) and O (for outer cell). I and O represent the cells in the +w and -w directions.

Step 1: flip 4C pieces in place, one by one, so that I and O stickers are on I and O cells. If an I sticker is on the O cell, it’s also considered done.
Step 2: rotate two 4C pieces in place, so that I and O stickers don’t move, and U and D stickers move to U and D cells.
Step 3: permute 4C pieces by 3-cycles. In the 3-cycles we keep I, O stickers within I, O cells, and U, D stickers in U, D cells.

I follow this 3 step approach for 4C pieces, because it balances the amount of memorization in each step.