Message #3742

Subject: Re: 234th solver
Date: Sat, 01 Jul 2017 12:39:10 +0000

Hey Luna

I just did a 764 move solve (log file attached) and these are the splits

2x2x2x2 block 54/54
2x2x2x3 block 54/108
2x2x3x3 block 157/265
2x3x3x3 block 206/471
last cell:
Orient 2c pieces 13/484
Orient 3c pieces 36/520
Orient 4c pieces 69/589
OLC 118/589
Permute 2c pieces 17/605
Permute 3c and 4c pieces 159/764

PLC 176/764

at the start it’s really hard to find pieces but when after 2x2x3x3 you can rotate the top cell down and that makes it surprisingly easy to find pieces.