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Subject: Re: New Member (323rd)
Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2017 11:42:04 +0000

Hey Ray, Thanks for your kind reply :)

Originally, I just wanted to make my own covers and right now I can do very simple songs in a very long time because my ear is terrible. I have been doing some interval training but there is no improvement. I guess it takes a lot of practice for a long time! I actually took Nat 5 Music so I know a bit about things like polyphony and what each instrument sounds like and SATB and things like that. But since you mentioned composing my own ones, I am really quite interested. I have never composed before though so I could do with some advice!

I agree with you that restricting yourself to just two hands on a piano does reduce some of the epicness of the music but in a solo performance, what can you do? I do know about modulations as I took Music and I can hear that there are lots of key changes which I think is part of the epicness!

I had no idea that Cannon in D Minor was barely even in D Minor! I could hear it was minor but couldn’t tell which one, I just assumed it was Dm and not Am. Kinda funny isn’t it?

I am very excited for the furnace and the first few item are trickling through the post today!