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Subject: Re: One way to solve the 5-D cube
Date: Thu, 13 Jul 2017 12:38:04 +0000

I have been solving 5D Rubick’s cube for a while now. So far I have little over 70k moves and I have placed all the 3-colored pieces. I have also completed two opposite hyperfaces (markoram’s red and green), but I cant finish all four-colored pieces. I have moved "red and green" hyperfaces to +U/-U positions and im trying to finish rest of the four-colored pieces. If someone doesn’t know how MC7D cube looks like finished here is a picture.

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If we compare this picture to the MagicCube5D program we can see similarities. First of all there is no +V face visible. Also +U/-U are the small pieces on the sides. So I ask help from anyone who have finished 5D cube or knows how to help. After all the programs aren’t so different.

My problem is something I haven’t seen ever before and I can’t seem to come up with anykind of macro which could help me forward. I only want some help to understand what causes this situation and what kind of moves I should be doing to fix it. Here is image from my problem.

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As we can see I have placed all four-colored pieces except the Four-Colored corner pieces. The situation is weird because it’s not possible to turn the piece around like that in 3D. I didn’t see the problem in 4D cube either. So my guess is that I need to exploit the fifth dimension to turn the piece. I haven’t succeeded to turn pieces in such a way no matter how I try. I thought could it be similar problem like when you build 4x4 cubes middles in the wrong places which prevents you from placing middle pieces. I don’t think that is likely since I have 2 pieces oriented correctly and others aren’t.

Any help is really appreciated and I thank anyone who is willing to assist me.
I really could use some help so I can make progress and move on.