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From: Theodor Pramer <>
Subject: Introduction 331st solver :)
Date: Wed, 19 Jul 2017 01:50:37 +0200


My name is Theodor Anastasius Pramer coming from Sweden. I was 33
earlier this year so an amusing number on the list :)


I discovered the idea of four dimensional geometry independently at the
age of 10 in 5^th grade. This achievement earned me a place in the wrong
type of special needs class. There they knew not what to do with me as I
had nothing to do there and I was shuffled back and forth for two years.
As I began making models and schematics and spending increasing time on
them my teachers decided to show me I was wrong decisively. All was
taken and burned. All but one I managed to keep safe and attached a
photo of. Although of no monetary value it is one of my most priced

After some time I did not think about it. Not until I took an
introductory course in pure mathematics from Oxford being introduced to
hyper-geometry and higher dimensions with their theoretical framework.
Some time after I was introduced to cubing and have solved my way up to

*The solve:*

I came across MC4D through Mathologer’s youtube introduction. I used a
combination of intuition, his method and Roice Nelson’s guide. From
first to last move it took a little over 10 hours. The faces were
relatively easy. The edges I feel I was a bit unlucky with but also I
solved them in wrong order. Too excited with each next step to think
ahead! I ended up with the four last pieces dislocated with the needed
switch always in the hidden plane so I needed to put them in
placeholders. The corners I felt I got something wrong on as I spent the
most time figuring out the basics on fixing orientation, had no problem
getting them where they were supposed to be. Eventually I found a method
with an ongoing reorientation of the 8 large cubes that worked. The
solve took 36669 twists but I learnt as I went and I feel there is great
possibility for easy improvements on my mixed method. Looking to tackle
the 4^4 soon :) I assume it has been discussed and something to draw on
from this list history :)

*Life & interests:*

My bachelor was in psychology although I have two additional half
complete as I started a simultaneous trio. I am currently doing two
masters in psychology and medicinal chemistry. Academically I am
focusing on pain relief through a new receptor connected to the opioid
and cannabis pathways developing new drug lead candidates that I intend
to do my PhD on taking them further and hopefully *fingers crossed*
leading to a patent down the road.

Professionally I am the founder of a startup developing a new
construction method for skyscrapers with the promise of cutting
construction time by up to 80%. We filed our first patent in January
with more on the way :) We are just pre-revenue with industrial interest
ready to build our first hardware and half the financing complete from
the government. But it is contingent on the other half coming from
private sources so looking for VC/angels/heavy machinery leasing to get
us flying and establish my own billion empire :) If any leads feel free
to put us in contact.

I practice Kendo, Iaido, sport climbing, golf, hiking, enjoy cubing and
am an avid reader. I like books on grand ideas stretching the
imagination. I have an interest in computer hardware and have the oddity
of collecting historical CPU’s of interest with just a few missing. My
big project in the days is my own little Amazon AWS EC2 GPU setup to run
my chemistry simulations on. Presently at roughly 300 x performance
compared to running it locally :) I’ll be running my first academic
presentation on it soon.

A few days ago I made my three year goal plan, amongst it was solving
the hypercube. It is the first item I have the pleasure to cross of my
list! Many thanks to the Mathologer and Roice Nelson for their
introductional guides that aided me greatly!

I’ve made a short video I posted on Facebook on the final piece solve,
not from my first solve but a friend saw it and asked me to. Got a
better solution now though. It is public but if you feel like minded
feel free to friend me on FB!

So in a slightly few more words than was intended, that is my
introduction :)

Best regards from Sweden,

Theodor Pramer