Message #3768

From: Ray Zhao <>
Subject: Re: 9^4 Hypercube Solve
Date: Thu, 20 Jul 2017 18:52:09 -0400

From my 6^4 solve I have to say that the two hardest parts about solving
these big hypercubes are:

  1. Potential lag. If your desktop/laptop lags and you can hear the fan
    running when you even select the 10^4 and see it show up on the screen,
    then you might not have such a fun time solving it.
  2. There are so many stickers. If you weren’t wearing glasses before,
    you’ll need them after the 10^4 solve. Seriously though, telling which
    layer a sticker is on is one of the most challenging parts.

Also, I like 5 as an upper bound, so I would recommend solving the 5^5;
there’s fewer cubies there than a 10^4 and it’s one dimension higher for
more 5c fun.
Although, it is true that no one has solved the 10^4 yet…