Message #3775

From: Marc Ringuette <>
Subject: Sticker-based physical 2^4 and flatland 2^3 demo videos
Date: Thu, 27 Jul 2017 15:31:55 -0700

Hi, it’s Marc with some progress to report. I’m having a huge amount
of fun trying to figure out the physical 2^4!

First, as an appetizer, a photo of three of my wood-block constructions
posed with Melinda’s 3D printed puzzle.

For the main course, I have a demo to present to you: a "sticker based"
physical 2^4 puzzle that I built, consisting of 64 one-colored cubes
that can be manipulated in 3-space in much the same way that MC4D’s 2^4
hypercube appears to cause its 64 cubical stickers to fly around its 3D
workspace. Then, it can be reoriented to act more like Melinda’s
physical 2^4 puzzle.

Three five-minute videos tell that story. Then, a bonus fourth video:
by analogy, I built a sticker-based Flatland 2^3, a game with 24
one-colored tiles on a table that emulates the 2^3 cube.

08 sticker based phys 2^4 intro and cross 5m15s
09 sticker based phys 2^4 oriented around two faces 4m36s
10 sticker based phys 2^4 reorientations 3m36s
11 sticker based flatland 2^3 5m09s

I hope this can spark a few ideas for you.