Message #3793

Subject: Re: 2x2x2x2 blindfold solve!
Date: Sun, 01 Oct 2017 20:16:51 +0000


I set up a pair of targets at a time to the "inside" cell, and did a commutator 3-cycle to solve them since that’s what I’m used to from 3D BLD, using the technique to manipulate the inside cell like a 3D puzzle. I used the simple two sune combo to twist corners: RUR’URU2R’ L’U’LU’L’U2L, which I needed to do twice to fix the buffer at the end. It’s a little tricky to see a convenient setup sometimes, but I wasn’t looking to go fast anyway.

Sure, it might be more difficult without macros, but it’s still quite difficult with macros I would guess :)