Message #3800

From: Melinda Green <>
Subject: Andrey biography and code
Date: Sun, 22 Oct 2017 05:42:35 -0700

Dear Cubists,

I’ve been in contact with Andrey’s family who have recently written an biography of him for the web site. You’ll find the English version here <> and Russian here <>. For the new members who never knew Andrey, he was one of our brightest lights who created and solved many of our most special puzzles.

His resourceful family was also able through heroic effort to recover data from his damaged hard drive including what appears to include all of the source code to his incredible creations! For a long time, we assumed this was lost forever, so this is big news. I plan to get most of it uploaded to either his GitHub account or my own (opinions anyone?), but I would first like to see if I can get some clean builds. His source control is a surprisingly similar mess to my own. Would you like to try building it? I’ve placed a minimal archive of the code for Magic Puzzle Ultimate <> on that page and would love for you to try building it and then share any project files you need to build or give tips on how you think it should best be packaged. I have more pieces if you run into trouble. Just let me know. I’ll then get it uploaded to GitHub we can begin doing the same with his other puzzles.

January will be the first anniversary of Andrey’s death. So much has happened in that short time, and the large hole he left in our community is may remain a permanent feature. We really miss you, Andrey!