Message #3863

Subject: Re: Cuboid parity-esque situation on a {6}x{4} duoprism
Date: Thu, 07 Dec 2017 21:24:15 +0000

To make long story short, turning hexagonal prism was the wrong approach because this seemingly solved 2C parity, but created extra 3C parity and this is probably unsolvable in this form… Correct approach was to turn the cube side to make 2C parity solvable by using two 3-cycles and then resolve, this fixed everything.

I made like 50 macros, deleted many and was left with 31 macro, most of which I forgot how to activate because I just used them and made more as I needed them.

Trap itself is concentrating too much on prism sides, twisting just cube sides made final macro only 4 moves long (shift all sides on a cube side by one)
thought I would have to make four 50 move macros and use them 20 times or something…:D

I would attach files, but something’s not working correctly. It’ll be better to solve without spoilers anyway.:)