Message #3941

From: Marc Ringuette <>
Subject: Get your physical 2^4 puzzles!
Date: Mon, 08 Jan 2018 14:39:29 -0800

Hey, gang,

It’s time to get your puzzles!   Please join us in figuring out the
physical 2^4.   I’ve assembled a few more of the nice 3D printed ones
(Melinda’s 2x2x2x2) from Shapeways to make the process easier for you.  
I think the count of people with puzzles is at 12 right now, enough that
we’re starting to get a little momentum going.

If you can afford it, the full cost including shipping is $99 (USA) /
$125 (international).   It’s probably easiest for you to just email
Melinda and order one through her; I’ve been mailing out some assembled
puzzles on her behalf already.   You email Melinda, arrange to send her
some money by Paypal, and soon a nice shiny puzzle will arrive in your
mailbox, sent by either her or me.

If the cost is making you hesitate, send me a private email; I’m willing
to subsidize some puzzles, particularly for people who are likely to
participate in figuring out the puzzle.

My main goal here is to stimulate some fun and interesting 3D and 4D
puzzling that I can be a part of.