Message #3996

Subject: Re: The physical 2x2x2x2 as seen by a ‘regular’ cuber.
Date: Thu, 22 Feb 2018 02:06:15 +0000

Skimming through the video above, it seems the mains difference between out methods is that after what I call pre-orientation, you solve one L/R cell directly, while I immediately separate and solve the two cells almost as two regular 2x2x2s. That means I also have to deal with the case where I have to transfer corner twists between the L/R cells.

Also, I tend not to use any moves on I/O cells except the slice type moves. Here’s how I approach pre-orientation.

-Do L/R moves & a gyro-rotate so a favourable # of pieces(you actually want a few) have the target colour "pointing out".
-Get as many target colour stickers facing U/D, and move the pointing out stickers to one layer of one cell.
-Twist non-sticker stickers so a gyro-rotate gives you a 2x2x2 oll case.

A few more questions I thought of:
What is RKT?
In 3d cubing, a distinction can be made between a layer and a face. How do you make this distinction in 4d?