Message #4007

Subject: Re: Proposed scrambling notation for the physical 2^4
Date: Mon, 05 Mar 2018 13:27:45 +0000

I don’t think changing the slab move face meaningfully adds to the scrambling, so might as well always do U. I also prefer moving the right slice to the left.

There are 24^2 distinct elements, so counting tells us that 10 minimum are needed to reach all states. Probably ~15 elements should be enough for a through scramble.

Speaking of which, I wrote some code in Python to assemble a puzzle into a solvable state.

Pic 1 shows what a solved puzzle might look like if it happened to come up as a scramble.
Pic 2 shows how to put the puzzle back into its normal shape to solve.
Pic 3 shows what the scramble below looks like when implemented.

yrgv-02 wogm-30 yrbm-13 wrbm-21 wogv-03 yobm-31 wrbv-02 wobv-20
wobm-30 yogv-12 yogm-21 wrgv-21 yrbv-31 yrgm-32 yobv-21 wrgm-32