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From: Roice Nelson <>
Subject: Re: [MC4D] Abstracting the Rubik’s Cube
Date: Thu, 08 Mar 2018 01:49:13 -0600

Thank you Melinda!

I figured since I had my name on the article, that was already enough for
me :) Elsewhere, I tried to balance making sure there was credit and
remaining focused on the mathematics/puzzles. I hope I struck the right

And thank you too for suggesting uploading a web version. Reading the T&F
page you found, it looks like I can post a preprint version and so I put a
copy here <>. Despite
subsequent revisions, it is still quite close to the published version.


On Wed, Mar 7, 2018 at 6:44 PM, Melinda Green
[4D_Cubing] <> wrote:

> Wow, congratulations on publishing and making the cover, Roice! The
> article is perfect. Your writing is always extremely clear, correct, and
> succinct. Your images were perfectly chosen and lovingly rendered, (no
> wonder you made the cover!) and you’ve squeezed the maximum amount of
> pertinent information into the available space. Of course I love that you
> were able to squeeze in a mention of my physical 2^4, and the mind-bending
> puzzles of Andrey and Nan. If I had any criticism it’s your statement that
> "In 2006, a working five-dimensional puzzle materialized". Of course it
> didn’t simply materialize, you willed it into existence along with with
> Magic120Cell and MagicTile! Certainly it must be OK to mention that you
> created all of these amazing puzzles, but I respect your choice to let
> people figure that out.
> Will you self-publish a web version of this paper? T&F Online appears to
> allow this
> <> and I
> would love to be able to link to it.
> Great work, Roice!
> -Melinda
> On 3/7/2018 1:49 PM, Roice Nelson [4D_Cubing] wrote:
> Dear Hypercubists,
> I wrote an article about our group for MAA’s Math Horizons
> <>. Twenty years of
> Rubik’s cube addiction has just borne fruit :D
> It’s a quick history of the group’s puzzles as I experienced them. Math
> Horizons has strict size limits and it was impossible to cover everything
> we talk about here, so my apologies about that.
> It is coming out in the April issue but became available online today.
> Access to Math Horizons does require MAA membership
> <>, which I recommend! If you are a
> student, you likely have access through your school. Also, I get 50 free
> electronic copies through the following link. Feel free to grab one while
> they are available and make sure to get the pdf with all the images.
> I was lucky enough to have one of the puzzle images make the issue cover,
> which is exciting. It’s a vertex-turning hemi-icosahedron puzzle, shown on
> Boy’s surface.
> Thank you Melinda and Nan for reading a draft and giving me great feedback
> before I submitted last year.
> I hope you enjoy it!
> Best,
> Roice