Message #4025

Subject: How I pre-orient the physical 2^4 puzzle.
Date: Fri, 13 Apr 2018 01:48:12 +0000

I wanted to make a walkthrough solve of this, but it wasn’t happening, so here how I do the first part of it in text.. At the end of this phase all 16 stickers of one opposite colour pair will be on the ‘out’ cell (UD if the puzzle is vertical). Other people probably have better solutions past this point, but I think my method here has some advantage.

Step 1: Get exactly 8 stickers of one opposite colour pair on the out cell.

If you get lucky, this step will already be done for you. If not, get 8 stickers total of one colour pair on two pairs of faces of the cells. For example, 5 g/b stickers on the I/O faces of the left cell and 3 g/b stickers on the F/B faces of the right cell will do. Depending on scrambling method, this is already done quite often. If not, this can usually be done with a just a few RKT turns. In a competent speedsolve, this would be planned out in inspection most of the time. Once this is done, rotate the cells and use a gyro rotation to get those 8 stickers on the out cell.

Step 2: Place the other 8 stickers on a face on each of the two cells.

This is similar to building a single face on a 2^3. The only hitch is you may need to transfer pieces between cells to have enough stickers to build a face on each cell.

Step 2.5: Get all 16 stickers on the out cell.

This should be easy to do with two gyro rotations + a few other canonical moves mixed in once step 2 is done.