Message #4060

From: Marc Ringuette <>
Subject: 2x2x2x2: a few algs and an example solve
Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2018 18:51:19 -0700

Hi gang!   I’m back to studying the physical 2^4, after a 6 month
break.   You know what that means:  lots of little YouTube videos with
no production values whatsoever!  I’ve uploaded six videos to the new
YouTube channel I’ve created for my puzzle stuff.   Five short videos
describe the move set I’m using and a few algorithms, then I give a 10
minute solution video to put me on the HOF list.

Probably the most generally interesting of these videos is the third,
#23 in my numbering sequence, showing how to perform a 180 degree twist
on a single piece (in 30 moves using ROIL Zero).   I shorten this to 10
moves in the case of orienting two opposite faces only, in video #24.  I
used the shortened version in my example solve at this point 6m45s in:

21 ROIL Zero moveset     1m11s
22 Sune+Antisune+twist2    3m17s
23 Doubletwist algorithm    2m17s
24 Doubletwist, align two faces only, shorter, 3 cases    2m59s
25 Alg for final U2 on R cube   1m16s
26 Example solve    10m42s

Just now, I tried an additional goofy experiment:  a wildly different
solution method where I permute all pieces first, then orient them
afterwards!   It only took half an hour or so.   It was a hoot, try
it!   I’m fascinated by the 12 orientations of these 4d puzzle pieces,
and the second half of this method is a way to focus in on orientation