Message #4068

From: Marc Ringuette <>
Subject: 2x2x2x2: Monoflip demo side-by-side with MC4D
Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2018 17:23:21 -0700

Hi gang,

I’m psyched at getting my new macros sorted! The first of these videos
is well worth a click. It’s one of the best I’ve done, I think. I
demonstrate my fairly nice monoflip algorithm on both the 2x2x2x2 and
then, using the identical algorithm, on MC4D.

In the other two vids, which the non-detail-oriented people can skip, I
give more detail on the most important MC4D macro (the Iy non-canonical
twist) and on the macros for the subcube moves using a buffer (this is
like the "RKT" style, for old-time MC4Ders). I’ve put all these videos
into a new puzzles only channel in case you want to subscribe.

27 Monoflip demo side-by-side with MC4D   7m35s
28 The Iy macro  4m38s
29 Details of the subcube move macros    4m25s

I’ve attached two files to this mail: my facecolors.txt and the macros
used in the demo.

I’m excited!