Message #4107

From: Marc Ringuette <>
Subject: 2x2x2x2: mini-puzzle "twisty stacky 2^3"
Date: Sat, 01 Sep 2018 11:21:45 -0700

Hi, 4D puzzlers!

If you already have Melinda’s 2x2x2x2, then you can easily try this fun

Take half of your 2x2x2x2 puzzle (I put the pink-purple corners out, set
aside the pink half, and use the purple half).   This is the solved state.

The puzzle is called the "twisty stacky 2^3", and the rules are as
follows.   The puzzle can be face-twisted like a 2^3 Rubik, plus you can
make any of the three restacking moves E, M, and S.   Scramble and solve!

Here are two YouTube videos – a brief intro, and then a demo of my
monoflip (yes, it has one!) for the puzzle.

     30  Intro to twisty stacky 2^3    1m33s
     31  Monoflip for twisty stacky 2^3    1m52s

This cute little puzzle is a lot easier than the full 2x2x2x2, and yet
its pieces still share the 12 possible orientations of the pieces of the
full puzzle.  I find it to be a useful training exercise for the larger
puzzle, as well as being fun to play with.