Message #4155

Subject: Re: Trouble with 2C pieces in 5D cube
Date: Sun, 07 Oct 2018 07:32:20 -0700

Are you 100% sure that only those two pieces are not solved? I know I’ve solved 2C pieces by hand (without prep moves) and I only used very basic 3-cycle macros for pretty much everything (and one "flip two pieces"?)… don’t remember it anymore, but I don’t think this should be possible.

Go around the cube a bit more, also do ctrl-left-click on small cubies to see the whole cube, I think it’s possible that you’ve simply missed one extra pair of unsolved cubes.

Ditch the default colors and use something more vibrant. I used dark and light of the same color for opposite sides, yellow, green, blue, magenta and red should be enough for 5D, then I had white and cyan for 6D and orange/brown for 7D.