Message #4170

From: Eduard Baumann <>
Subject: Magic Tile Solving
Date: Sun, 09 Dec 2018 16:39:54 +0100

I continue to have a lot of pleasure solving MagicTile puzzles. These are further 20 solvings.
All were already solved by Michael Gottlieb the first time.

I like to define and use macros. I also completely solve one type of pieces bevor I tackle the next type (of course in the right order).
Michael does more preassemblings of different types of pieces and is so much more efficient (less moves).

eb_MT_ell_sph_icosa_v1,3+1,6.xml (3215 moves)
eb_MT_ell_sph_dodeca_f1+1,2+0,67.xml (3331 moves)
eb_MT_irp_{3,9}a_36_f020.xml (1825 moves)
eb_MT_hyp_{8,3}_12B_e1,75-0-0.xml (4270 moves)
eb_MT_hyp_{5,5}_12_fh00_e00h_vh00.xml (2738 moves)
eb_MT_skew_{4,4-5}_25_f020.xml (4522 moves)
eb_MT_irp_{4,5}a_30_v1,5-0-0.xml (3268 moves)
eb_MT_ell_sph_dodeca_v1,2+1,4+1,6.xml (2728 moves)
eb_MT_hyp_{8,3}_12_e1,75-0-0.xml (2890 moves)
eb_MT_skew_{4,4-5}_25_f0,33-0-1.xml (3638 moves)
eb_MT_ell_sph_dodeca_fv0,4+0,8.xml (4910 moves)
eb_MT_skew_{4,4-6}_36_f020.xml (4002 moves)
eb_MT_skew_{4,4-6}_36_f0,33-0-0.xml (4258 moves)
eb_MT_skew_{4,4-6}_36_v200.xml (3806 moves)
eb_MT_hyp_{5,4}_24_ev100.xml (3176 moves)
eb_MT_hyp_{8,3}_12B_f0,4-0-1_f0,8-0-1.xml (6481 moves)
eb_MT_hyp_{8,3}_12_f0,4-0-1_f0,8-0-1.xml (5368 moves)
eb_MT_eucl_torus_{6,3}_16_f0,4+0,8.xml (4862 moves)
eb_MT_ell_sph_dodeca_e1+1,3.xml (15401 moves)
eb_MT_eucl_torus_{6,3}_16_e10_v1.xml (9443 moves)

Best regards