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From: Eduard Baumann <>
Subject: Re: [MC4D] 3-cycle demo on phys 2^4
Date: Fri, 03 May 2019 16:53:06 +0200

Hi Marc,

Mathologer hast made beautifull presentations of
a.. the 4D Rubic and
b.. MagicTile
Marc, you have collectet a considable amount of stuff about Melinda’s physical 2x2x2x2.

I think it would be eminently worthfull to have an animated view of an interested non-insider.

Who has the e-mail address of the Mathologer?

Kind regards

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From: Marc Ringuette [4D_Cubing]
Sent: Sunday, June 25, 2017 7:24 PM
Subject: Re: [MC4D] 3-cycle demo on phys 2^4

(welcome, Okko!)

Hey, Ed, regarding Melinda’s physical 2^4 puzzle,

(1) Nope, I haven't written down a big table of move equivalents, although my videos will give you enough to figure it out.   The one-sentence version is&#58;  any mc4d move that leaves the stickers on the R+L faces still on the R+L faces, has a simple twist in the phys 2&#94;4 puzzle.   With the addition of a single rotation to this common subset -- any rotation that moves the R+L faces onto a different pair of faces, FOro and FUro being the two phys 2&#94;4 sequences discovered so far to do this -- the entire mc4d state space can be reached on the phys 2&#94;4 and vice versa.

(2) Nope, nobody else has written down the move table either.  That's not too surprising, since nobody else but Melinda and me have made physical versions of the puzzle yet.   C'mon, gang, get building!  It's fun, and it'll only take you a couple of days.  &#58;)     I suspect people are waiting  for Melinda or me to provide some nice step-by-step instructions that can be completed in 3-12 hours, or even better, just wheedle one of us into building them one.   

(3)  The &quot;virtual physical&quot; 2&#94;4.   It feels slightly goofy to take Melinda's puzzle, whose key feature is the ability for a physical realization, and then make a simulation of it.   Heh.   However, it would actually be really useful, given that a lot of people won't manage to surmount the energy barrier associated with building the physical puzzles. 

(4) Thinking about it, it would be really useful to create a virtual physical 2^4 puzzle, in Javascript, shown side-by-side with the MC4D style simulation, with each move being executed simultaneously on both. And as a side-effect of creating the MC4d style rendering in Javascript, we would easily be able to also produce a web-browser-compatible version of all of MC4D’s n^4 hypercube puzzles that would make them that much more accessible to people who reluctant to use the Java app. Such a version could be far less general and tricky than MC4D itself, because it would be so much more limited (just 4d, in a particular simplified/hacked projection). Sort of a "gateway drug" to full MC4D. It would be FANTASTIC if somebody programmed this.

(5)  A teaser&#58;  I've been trying to work out an extension of Melinda's physical 2&#94;4 puzzle into a physical 3&#94;4, and making some good progress.   However, with 81 pieces and 972 magnets, it's fairly impractical to create physically in a way that can actually be operated by hand.   Pretty much the only way it is likely to come to exist is in a &quot;virtual physical&quot; version in Javascript.


On 6/24/2017 1:21 AM, ‘Eduard Baumann’ [4D_Cubing] wrote:

&#91;Is there a&#93; table which gives the &quot;phys 2&#94;4&quot; moves for each &quot;one click on mc4d&quot; ?

How about a &quot;virtual physical 2&#94;4&quot; ?