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Subject: New member
Date: Wed, 26 Jun 2019 03:57:41 +0000


My name is Connor Lindsay, and I currently live in the suburbs of Sacramento. I’m 18 and will be heading off to UC Santa Barbara for college next semester. I plan on studying both math and physics at college so I can go on to work with particle physics and quantum computers.

I loved solving both the 3x3 and the 5x5 version of the puzzle. It was challenging to find the correct peices but coming up with algorithms I found very enjoyable.

I just recently got into solving twisty puzzles, and besides these I love to play the trumpet. As a side project currently I am creating my own version of an electronic trumpet using as arduino, that acts like a synthesizer. I am also a bit of a geek as some might say. I love star wars, marvel and lord of the rings as well as play dungeons and dragons with my friends occasionally.

I’m very excited to join this community!