Message #4205

Subject: Re: Possible MagicCube4D Guide
Date: Thu, 01 Aug 2019 09:00:39 +0000

Would love to see it Alvin!
I like the idea of more tutorials for 4d cubing since there’s very few youtube videos on the subject.

I think a video on the Sheerin-zhao method would be great for getting people already used to 3d cfop into 4d cubing since it’s easier to understand the method, also it’s sort of the method I use.

RKT is also pretty vital for all 4d (and higher) puzzles and I find it really Elegent, so if people wanted to understand and solve these puzzles it would be good for them to understand things like that.

I know when I first tried to learn I tried to follow roice’s tutorial and got very confused, so maybe a video would make things easier for beginners to understand.

Even a video just explaining how the cube turns and how the pieces work would be useful for beginners, I think that was the thing that’s the most difficult to grasp when you’re first messing with the 3^4. Once you understand how it works it becomes a lot easier to solve.