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From: Guy Padfield <>
Subject: RE: [MC4D] HyperSPEEDsolving !!!
Date: Thu, 04 Aug 2005 22:08:13 +0200

Just a thought. I would be prepared to play this game, if only as an
also-ran to give serous contenders a forum for their virtuosity. However, it
would have to be without macros as I cannot any longer go online in Linux
(since I installed a new router). I suspect that one reason 43 people have
solved the 3^4 and only 6 the 4^4 is that for better or worse Windows
remains the most popular OS and many non-purists are perfectly happy with
it. It would be a shame to exclude the many keen puzzlers who are limited by
this. I downloaded Knoppix so I could solve the 4^4 but I have no real
interest in learning more about Linux or configuring my network for it (it
was quite a challenge just to send you my 4^4 log, Melinda).

I have no strong feelings about this and will follow the competition with
interest however it is organised. But maybe I am not the only one who could
not take part on an equal footing unless it were conducted in a format that
Windows users could participate in.

Guy Padfield

PS - I got to the finals of the (UK) Times National Cryptic Crossword
Competition once. It was quite humbling to see the real masters polish off
the grids in 3 or 4 minutes when I only completed two of the four puzzles
within the half hour allowed for each. Some of us weren’t designed to be
speed merchants.


From: [] On Behalf
Of Melinda Green
Sent: 04 August 2005 19:59
Subject: Re: [MC4D] HyperSPEEDsolving !!!

thesamer wrote:

> I like the idea. You seem to have thought this out very well. I don’t
> know that I would regularly judge such an event but if at least 3 people
> commit to being in the competition, then I’ll offer to at least run the
> 1st one. So who wants to be in the 1st ever 4D cube speed solving
> -Melinda
>I do! ;)
I thought I could count on you!

>But first I must do internet on my linux…I hope there will be no
Not if you hurry up. I wouldn’t want you to miss the contest that you
started! ;-)

>May I suggest some kind of comunictator (IRQ, chat-room, something like
that..) to cooridnate the whole competition…
That would probably work but I do like Jesse’s suggestion of posting the
scrambled log on the yahoo group site and having solvers upload their
solutions. One nice thing about that is that we can create folders for
each competition which is then self-archiving.

>And one more thing…Nummber of macros. Unlimited or let’s say 10 macros?
If we allow macros then I don’t see a good reason to limit them. I keep
expecting to see someone build one master macro that uses macros that
use macros which can solve an entire puzzle in a single shot. It’d still
make for an interesting competition to see how fast people could set up
such a complicated macro though

I should note that I won’t consider any speed records to be "official"
in the same sense as the other categories since lots of issues such as
the above would still need to be worked out to make it fair and
meaningful. Still I am happy to support some fun events and to publish
the results.

>What about the time of maiking this competition? We are on different
continets ;)
>What do you think?
I think it doesn’t matter when we hold the contest because you guys
don’t seem to mind working for days without a break!! ;-)
Seriously though I expect we just need to find a time and date that’s
good for everyone.

So see if you can scare up a couple more participants. People can just
email me directly with their preferred dates and times in GMT and then
when and if we go ahead, I’ll post the information here in case anyone
else wants to jump in at the last minute. It’s too bad that we can’t
monitor everyone’s progress in a split-screen display. Perhaps in the
next release. (yeah, right!)




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