Message #195

From: Melinda Green <>
Subject: Re: [MC4D] I’m back!
Date: Thu, 29 Sep 2005 11:25:23 -0700

Remigiusz Durka wrote:

>>So Remigiusz, where you able to generate much interest in the 4D cube
>>among the participants in the Polish speed championships? Get those guys
>>hooked on MC4D and perhaps you’ll soon find some serious competition!
>I talked with Ron van Bruchem and Zbigniew Zborowski about it (Did you heard
>about Z-B system in rubik? they discover it! ZZ was organizator these
>championships,Ron was delgate from WCA). They agree to consider on II Polish
>Championships hypercube cathegory.
>Ron said that there should be 2 contestens (That should be no problem with
>that- on these championships were: me,Piotrowski,Wizner)
This is very exciting news.

>there is also problem with measure the time (is it possible to impement
>timer to the program?), using macros (doing macros during the solve, not
>using them, etc…)
I am leaving my job tomorrow and plan to take off a good chunk of time
if I am lucky. High on my todo list during my break will be to port MC4D
to Java and I will definitely plan to include timing features. Please
send me any requests you can think of that will make this stuff as
useful as possible.

>///With preapeard macros I can (after some practice) do 3x3x3x3 in 20
>minutes. Preapearing macros will give me 5-10 minutes more…
>//Without macros it will last 2-3 hours….- it’s not good, becuase you
>can’t take part in other competions and also after this you will be very
I highly suggest that you hold competitions in both categories as both
are valid but require different skills.
You might suggest holding the 4D competitions after the end of your 3D
contests so that it won’t matter if the contestants burn out at the end.

>However Zborowski is ethusiast of this kind of competition. (Poland would be
>place where something new started in rubik ;) )
>Also becuse having Piotrowski,Wizer,Lazar and me ;) what makes us world’s
>potentat in hypecubes ;)
There does seem to be something special about Poland when it comes to
Rubik puzzles!