Message #196

From: Jay Berkenbilt <>
Subject: one more release of C++ version of MC4D
Date: Thu, 29 Sep 2005 16:38:57 -0400

Melinda Green <> wrote:

> I am leaving my job tomorrow and plan to take off a good chunk of
> time if I am lucky. High on my todo list during my break will be to
> port MC4D to Java and I will definitely plan to include timing
> features. Please send me any requests you can think of that will
> make this stuff as useful as possible.

I’ll have time early next week to get caught up on a few loose ends
including merging some changes to the documentation that we had
discussed earlier and throwing in some gcc 4.0 patches that I made in
my local copy. I have an "ideas" file that is my accumulation of all
the ideas that software enhancement have been discussed on the list
since I got involved in 1998 (i.e., since the beginning of its being
more than just you and Don). I’ll post this to the list so that it
can trigger some discussion.

Jay Berkenbilt <>