Message #253

Subject: Hall Instanity here I come ;-)
Date: Thu, 25 May 2006 11:20:29 +0200


Few minutes ago I finished 5D cube…

I’m happy.. but I’m not so proud ;) My solution has 18 010 moves. I was totally lost when I got to the 5C pieces. I couldn’t figure out many transitions… I had to take Roice First 5C Macro (in finish I used few times second too -so I can’t say it’s mine own solution)…but it didn’t help a lot. I strayed puting pieces, messing them up…I finished 4C phase with circa 4500 moves… so you can see how much I was hopless ;-]

Big thanx for publishing Your 5C macros Roice!

AND BIG RESPECT for such a short solution

Okey that all for now, I now need some rest…

See you soon,

Remigiusz Durka