Message #255

From: Durka <>
Subject: 3rd insane and some notes
Date: Sat, 27 May 2006 01:06:40 +0200

Just short note:

Congratulation for Michal who is third INSANE!!!

Hall of Insanity:

05.16.2006 R.N.
05.25.2006 R.D.
05.26.2006 M.W.

and probably few years of silence on this list ;-)

Don’t be fooled by the fact that during 10 days there are three names alredy… It’s not so simple to solve that!!!

My thoughts:

1) REDO <- IT IS VERY IMPORTANT! You can’t imagine how I and Michal missed for that option…
2) "% meter". I give you picture that says everything I can thought… (3 digits after coma and spliting percentage to each kind of pieces and the whole…)
3) Advertise: Roice You should write mail to Ron von Bruchen ( ) from (some time ago I send link to him). Short message on that site (" March 14, 2006 Gallery of hypercubes by Remigiusz Durka") gave me few thousends visit on my page in short time)