Message #297

From: Melinda Green <>
Subject: New Records
Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2006 21:14:24 -0700

Noel C wrote:
> Hey there,
> Hello once again. Well, what can I say? Here I thought I was done with
> these cubes but a bit of inspiration I got at work got me back in
> front of the computer. My idea was to solve the first 3/4 of the 3^4
> using an expanded Petrus method solution, this way I can get to the
> last colour in about 300 moves. Because of this I can shave off a ton
> of moves on my solutions. With that, attached are my revised solutions
> to the 4^4 and 5^4 which will be the new records! YAY! If only I could
> learn Roice’s solution i could shave another 400 moves off….
> Anyway, Thanks again and I’m sure you guys will hear from me again.
> I wonder what Remi will say when he finds out I broke the 3500
> barrier? lol
> Noel Chalmers

I guess he was too shy to post his own announcement of *two* significant
achievements, so I’ll do it for him. As you will see in the
hall-of-fame, Noel now holds the records for half of the shortest
records. His new 4^4 solution shaves 334 twists off of Remi’s record
that has stood for nearly a year, and his new 5^4 solution shaves
exactly 600 twists off his previous record from only days earlier. I’m
curious as well to hear what Remi will say when he learns that the 3,500
twist "barrier" that he thought would never be broken has lasted almost
no time at all. Do I hear anyone saying "3,000 twist barrier"?