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From: Remigiusz Durka <>
Subject: Re: [MC4D] New Records
Date: Thu, 13 Jul 2006 14:38:03 +0200

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From: Melinda Green
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Subject: [MC4D] New Records

Noel C wrote:
> Hey there,
> Anyway, Thanks again and I’m sure you guys will hear from me again.
> I wonder what Remi will say when he finds out I broke the 3500
> barrier? lol
> Noel Chalmers

I’m curious as well to hear what Remi will say when he learns that the 3,500
twist "barrier" that he thought would never be broken has lasted almost
no time at all. Do I hear anyone saying "3,000 twist barrier"?


and Remi says:

Congratulations! I’m amazed! (I’m sad too because my beloved records are gone ;-| Lucky for me there are some my records left ;)

For example:

136 twists in 2^4 (there’s no way to break 100!!! Yeaaah, my another opinion but try this… Hmmm or maybe NOT ;-))))))))))))))

fastest solution 3^4 -> 19min 33,02s

Noel what metod do you use? (Lars Petrus 4D? ;) I’ve tried to implement Fridrich system but I failed and I’m only basing on Roice solution…

(I’ve solved 2^4 using something diffrent - I wrote about this when I annouced shortest solution on 2^4)

I won’t touch 5^4… FOR LONG YEARS. But I think I will try to get back 4^4. First I want to end 2^5…(I’m again totaly lost. 5C pieces are insane!)

(I’m trying to do this using my algs…but it’s hard to handle piece with 5 colours…)

I have so many things to do now…. I’m going to study in Amsterdam in couple weeks. I must write my master thesis. And of coure I must sleep, live…

Welcome Noel on 4D board. Now 5D or do you want to get all the records from Hall of Fame and next do the same with Hall of Insanity? ;-)))))))))))))))