Message #380

From: Michał Wizner <>
Subject: Re: [MC4D] N-teract-4
Date: Fri, 13 Jul 2007 15:10:07 +0200

Yes, that’s really really funny!;)

As remiq wrote we are able to solve this ‘puzzle’ using only four algoritms that

change an ‘orientation’ on the West ‘cubie’. We just join pieces which
are the same

colour then we move each wrong ‘oriented’ cubie to the West repairing
its orientation.

But the author of this aplet writes: "The corners are not
sensitive to orientation in 4-space."…

So what actually are we doing?

I feel so stupid and confused solving this puzzle in about 30sec;)

How does it work, where is the connection with 2^4, and finally what
the hell is this?;)

Theese are questions we still are looking answers for. heh

And I can’t imagine how can it be compared with any other
puzzles/applets like for example MC4D


Remigiusz Durka pisze


Could someone tell me what is that?

I’ve tried and tried to see/understand how "that" is related to 2^4 but
I couldn’t…

Nethertheless  I’ve managed to solve this around 30 sec. (Michal Wizner
one sec less)

(Scramble is terrible, always the same, so I scrambled this extra)
-> After lucky scramble I did it under 15 sec (but it doesn’t count)

I don’t see how this aplet earned name "A four dimensional version of
Rubik’s Cube ". There is only 4 colors, etc.


Ks.Jankowski u Mela Gibsona